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High temperature cemented carbide mold production and processing


As a typical representative of super-hard metals, cemented carbides have excellent high-temperature resistance and physical stability, especially as a high-temperature mold material, suitable for extreme environmental production and processing requirements. High-temperature carbide flanges used in accordance with customer drawings require the following standards:

     1. Tolerate long-term high temperature of 800 °C, no deformation;

     2. Air cooling, not bursting;

     3. Precision machining, parallelism of upper and lower sides <0.003mm.

Carbide mold is a high-end mold commonly used in the hardware machining industry because it has high hardness, good toughness, superior high and low temperature wear resistance, low adhesion, good corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity and low friction coefficient. Anti-acid and alkali corrosion resistance, no rust, easy maintenance. Due to its good toughness, high temperature resistance and high wear resistance, the cemented carbide mold has a service life of 10 to 50 times that of a general alloy mold. Carbide molds are commonly used to make hard alloy stamping dies, carbide grading molds, powder pressing dies, battery shell stamping dies, stainless steel mobile phone shell stamping dies, bicycle shaft bushings and shaft bowl stamping dies, shaped carbide molds , Carbide shrinkage die, carbide wire drawing die, carbide die, hard alloy thimble, carbide extrusion die, cold die of bolt and nut, frame stamping die, etc.


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